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Ceasing Deceasing..


<The following survey is required to be answered before playing>
1. What is the actual role of a player in a restricted game space ?
2. What kind of influence can a player have upon the space he is in ?
3. What is the relation between the "player character" being controlled and the player who is controlling ?
4. What would happen if an acid corroded its own container?
5. What does the wind taste like in a place long gone?


【Left Stick】 or 【W/A/S/D】 to Move
【Right Stick】 or 【Mouse】 to Look Around
【X】 or 【LMB】 to Interact
【A】 or 【Space】 to Jump

(P.S: Xbox360 controller supported)
(P.P.S: Bad optimization, Runs slow on most hardwares)


Finished on Monday, 3rd June, 2013